Profitool - Your provider of special tools

Profitool is a company in Landeck in western Tyrol and is manufacturing precision tools in standard and special design for over 30 years.

Profitool is a byword forthe highest quality in the precision tooling needed for cutting and machining metals, composites, synthetics and wood materials. Our production range includes step drills, profile wheels, profile cutter plates, PCD or CBN equipped indexable inserts plus special tool holder clamp mountings and monoblock indexable insert tools in every standard dimensions, all manufactured on cutting-edge CNC plant in our 1,200 square metre production facility.

Our state-of-the-art plants and innovative production techniques assure the highest in qualityplus shortest delivery times. Our customers include the leaders of industry from across Europe.

Profitool client reception provider of special tools, standard and special design, located in Landeck, high-quality precision tools
Profitool measuring tool CNC-grinders, step drills, milling tools, Profile cuttting plates, PCD and CBN tools
Profitool Manufacture machining metals, composites, synthetics and wood materials, innovative production techniques, highest qualities
Precision tools in top quality

Precision tools
in top quality

Certificate Quality Austria
Certificate Quality Austria

Production of
precision tools
for over 30 years.

Tools for professional users

Our tools are manufactured according to the most modern methods. We attach great importance to an exact ordering process, as this is the basis for the production of an individual tool. The release marking gives our customers the certainty that the tool exactly meets the requirements defined by our customers. In our modern plant, the tools are finally manufactures and sent through quality control. The result is a short and smooth production process with a quality guaramtee.

Our tools are manufactured with the latest methods. 

Unsere Produkte

  • FM drilling and milling tools
  • Profile cutting plates
  • HSS drilling and milling tools
  • PCD and CBN tools
  • Cutting plates
  • Tools for wood processing
  • Tools for window production


The Profitool company is providing precision tools in standard and special design from its own production. Upon customer request special tools for drilling, milling and turning operation will be produced.